Magnolia Jane on Southern Phrases

Hey y’all. I’m Magnolia Jane Clay of the Tuscaloosa County Clay’s, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Phi Mu Alumni Association and 1998 Miss Tallapoosa County. I’m here to help all y’all with some common southern phrases. Bless your hearts, I know it can be confusing. So here’s a sweet tea. Just come on up on the porch and have aContinue reading “Magnolia Jane on Southern Phrases”

The Time Is Coming

Surviving the newest batch of Hallmark holiday movies Winter is coming… And with it, the sickly sweet horror that befalls us all during the months of November and December. Like the yearly dying of the trees’ leaves from inside out while the sun hides from the cold a little more each evening, the icy clawContinue reading “The Time Is Coming”

Episode Four: Jack Bikerd, Songwriter

This week I’m talking with Jack Binkerd, a musician and songwriter who lives in Nashville Tennessee. It’s a great conversation with lots of creativity and humor. Jack has released two EP’s and performs in a variety of venues. He’s an accomplished vocalist and guitarist who writes innovative music. Click below to enjoy the interview. ClickContinue reading “Episode Four: Jack Bikerd, Songwriter”

Episode Three: Final Friday Fiction

Listen now on ANCHOR. Can a house be evil? In Decatur, Alabama, there sits a house that no one can live in for more than a few days. Years ago, a young couple moved in, only to move out less than 3 days later, refusing to speak of what happened within the walls.Welcome to FinalContinue reading “Episode Three: Final Friday Fiction”

Wonder Woman Is My Mother

“Tell Larry my partner and I won the net in the first flight,” my mom said, referring to the golf tournament she had played in last week. “We won the net in the first flight.” She said it twice because she knew I had no idea what that meant. But Larry would if I saidContinue reading “Wonder Woman Is My Mother”

Episode Two

Toni Crowe: Author Toni Crowe was a thirty-year award-winning corporate Vice-President. She worked for such companies as United Technologies, Rockwell and Honeywell. She retired early to pursue her dream of becoming a best-selling author. Toni wrote her six-book memoir series in six months.  The basis of her books is that working hard and being smartContinue reading “Episode Two”

Episode 1:Words from the River

Click HERE to Listen Welcome back to Words from the River, coming to you from the banks of the Singing River in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  I’m Laurie Nave, and I’m excited about our fist author interview today.  His name is Lee Hutch, and he released a work of historical fiction in March of 2019. LeeContinue reading “Episode 1:Words from the River”