Episode 11: A MuddyUm Associated Press Special Report

Image from Unsplash

This week, we have a special episode of the Words from the River podcast, featuring an array of writers for the MuddyUm publication on medium.com. You can find the publication HERE.

Each of the writers who have contributed to this podcast write a variety of great work across Medium, from humor, to fiction, to poetry and more. Please click the names of each writer below to check out their work. And remember, when you Medium before December 31st and send me your username, you’ll be entered into the drawing for a 50.00 prize!

All voice-over is performed by Laurie Nave

Featured MuddyUm Writers

Susan Brearley
Shelly McIntosh
Lee Serpa Azevado
Gwenna Laithland
Lisa Tomey
Christina Ward
Lisa Bolin
JimmyWayne Ford

Click the play button to listen on this page. Uploading of audio file may take a few minutes.

Episode 11

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