Episode 9: Helen Cassidy Page

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Happy Friday, and welcome to Episode 9 of the words from the river podcast.  We’re back in Muscle Shoals this week, and I’m talking with author Helen Cassidy Page. Ms. Page lived in San Francisco and publishes fiction and nonfiction.  As a fiction writer, she has published mysteries, romance, paranormal mysteries, suspense, and historical fiction.

In addition to being an author, Helen Cassidy Page is also an editor, writing coach, and life coach.  When not creating or reaching, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and photography. Be sure to visit Ms. Cassidy’s site at www.helencassidypagebooks.com and take a look at some of the diverse works she has to offer.  I’m reading one of her mysteries right now, and I plan to dive into the historical fiction next.  You can also read writing by Ms. Page on Medium.com. Remember, if you sign up at Medium.com for just 5.00 a month, follow me at laurielivingstonnave, and send me a message with your username, you’ll be entered into the January 1st drawing for a 50.00 prize.  Just email me at wordsfromtheriver@gmail.com.  Next week I’ll be talking with Christina Ward about her love of poetry and her latest book.  Have a great weekend!

Episode 9 Audio, may take a few minutes to upload

This week’s music for the podcast is provided by Jack Binkerd. You can find him on Spotify and Apple Music.

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