Episode Two

Toni Crowe: Author

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Toni Crowe was a thirty-year award-winning corporate Vice-President. She worked for such companies as United Technologies, Rockwell and Honeywell. She retired early to pursue her dream of becoming a best-selling author.

Toni wrote her six-book memoir series in six months.  The basis of her books is that working hard and being smart (WHBS) is not enough to be successful. Everyone can use a helping hand. Her books were written to offer that hand.

Her latest book, Bullets, and Bosses Don’t Have Friends was an Amazon Bestseller. The book is an exploration of what it takes to succeed in corporate America. The book offers a collection of the interesting and provocative challenges in Toni’s career. She offers her solutions to tough leadership the problems and invites the reader to participate via exercises at the end of each chapter.

When she is not writing, Toni and her husband love traveling, especially to visit her children and grandchildren. When home in Florida, she sits by her pool reading with two cats, Tall and Dark on her lap.  When the right puppy comes along, he will be Handsome.

Follow Toni Crowe at: https://www.tonicrowewriter.com/

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