Episode Zero

Words from the River

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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Welcome, welcome to episode zero of Words on the River, a podcast about writing, writers, and words in general.  We are hailing from the Tennessee River, named the Singing River by those who inhabited it first, in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. If you aren’t familiar with the area, it’s a little town tucked into Northwest Alabama, known as the “Hit Recording Capital of the World” back during my childhood, thanks to Fame Recording Studios and Muscle Shoals Sound Studios.

I knew when I started a podcast that I wanted to focus on writers – writers of everything: fiction, essays, novels, plays, music.  Expression in words fascinates me. Sure I’ll subject you to my stuff from time to time. I mean, all artists have egos, don’t we? Yeah, even the introverts.  But I want to get us inside the minds of the creative people, the new writers and seasoned ones. I think writers live 2 lives (at least). There’s the regular birth to death and all that comes in between life.  Then there is the writing life, that starts when we first discover words and goes through every draft and failure and success and publication and rejection and everything else….until we stop writing. For lucky people, both lives are almost equally long, at least that’s the hope I have.

The first three episodes of each month, I’ll feature a writer of words: be they authors, poets, songwriters, or essayists. We’ll talk about a range of topics from the writing process to pantsing versus plotting to the works and accomplishments of each guest. At the end of each month, we’ll have an episode entitled Final Fridays Fiction. A segment of fiction writing by a featured author or by yours truly will be read and discussed, along with reader and listener reactions.

Enough intro…click the play button to enjoy Episode Zero!

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